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X-Statics Volleyball Club is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to providing eligible participants the OPPORTUNITY TO DEVELOP and enhance their individual and team skills by competing at regional and national tournaments.

X-Statics Volleyball Club Philosophy:

Our philosophy is adapted from USA Volleyball in that "we will WIN games by having the necessary SKILLS and have FUN doing it."

We believe that the strength in our club will be fostered as a coordinated effort to PROMOTE TEAMWORK. We will be COMPETITIVE AS A TEAM, NOT AS INDIVIDUALS, striving for group cohesiveness. WE WILL PROMOTE A PROGRAM THAT SUPPORTS TEAMWORK, COMMITMENT, QUALITY, CONSISTENCY AND A STRONG WORK ETHIC IN ORDER TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

X-Statics Volleyball Club Goals:

1.  To improve the skills and abilities of all eligible youth participants.

2. To instill youth participants with a strong sense of teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment, dedication, and character on and off the court.      

3. To strive to become a competitive, team-oriented club without discouragement to inexperienced members.

4. To strive to offer the highest standards of training to all players regardless of their ages, abilities, competitiveness, and financial status.

5. To increase relations with local existing school volleyball programs in order to develop prospective youth participants year-round.

6. To instill Player, Parent and Coach responsibility.

X-Statics Volleyball Club Teams:

We endeavor to have a team for every girl that attends Open Gyms and wishes to participate.  However, exact number of teams for any given season depends on availability of coaching staff and practice facilities.  Our teams are selected based upon age, ability, and commitment, not necessarily in that order.  As there may not be enough participants to make a team out of one age group, members may be asked to "play up" an age division.  For more details on age divisions, please see the Members page.

Rosters are set by the coaches, and are not up for discussion with any member or parents.  Our coaches have been hired on as qualified individuals for what they do (i.e. their "job").  We make an effort to not tell others how to do their job, so it is appreciated that our coaches receive the same respect.